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Farmhouse Giada Garfagnana

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PrÓ di Reto, that is found really in the center of the village, in the small plaza of the "Respiro", it is an ancient agricultural house.

Ample country threshing floor often welcomes demonstrations. It has two apartments and a double room with private service.

Reception is family and on booking it is possible to taste the products of the firm.
Valid point of reference for a vacation in full relax, but also for the one who desires a more active vacation. Alessandra and Olinto are able in fact to propose you beautiful excursions to horse and in mountain bike.

To Pra' di Reto you can choose various setups, you can be in the apartment completely furnished with fireplace, or to make half pension, night with breakfast or only to sleep. The supper consumes him in the ancient kitchen of house with great table, fireplace and firewood oven.
The kitchen is typical "garfagnina" and you will be able taste the ancient dishes as the "polenta di neccio", the "polenta of corn", the neccis with the ricotta, the soup of farro, the soup of porky mushrooms, the bread of potatoes cooked in the firewood oven as also the tarts of fruit and the biscuits of cereals (biological) cultivated in firm. You will have available the garden and you can pick up tomatoes, eggplants, peppers, onions, carrots and salad.

Garfagnana is a casket full of naturalistic treasures, I contained among the chain of the Alps Apuane and the Appennino Tosco-Emiliano.

From the contrast among these two environments, not only morphologically, but also socially and traditionally different, an unusual range of images and colors is born.
To the sharp Apuanes, white of marble, the sweets are contrasted profiles of the imposing Appennino, with the slim green of the pastures and that more dark color of the immense woods of beech tree. In the fondovalle, the crystalline waters still of the Serchio, they serve as zipper among these two landscapes, different, but equally fascinating.

This is the ideal environment for the one who wants to live to direct contact with the nature contemporarily rediscovering the history of a valley and the traditional hospitality of his/her inhabitants. The Garfagnana, is an area set apart of the province of Lucca that has succeeded with the time in almost maintaining unchanged his/her native landscape and environmental characters. The actual climate, with middle temperatures distant from the values estre me and the abundance of water, have conferred a luxuriant aspect to the natural vegetation. In this oasis of green, in the slope appenninico the Park of the Orecchiella extends him, to which the rockiest chain in the Alps Apuane is contrasted, today Regional Park. In these environments, they find shelter a lot of kinds of animal rare or never in the rest of the Italian territory as the royal eagle, the real owl, the hawk lanario, the wolf appenninico, the alpine swift etc. Also the flora contains rare kinds residual of the ancient glaciations as the Rhododendron ferrugineun.

Gragnanella is an ancient medieval suburb surrounded by woods of chestnut tree and cultivated fields to 480 mt. of altitude, distant only 5 kms from Castelnuovo Garfagnana, chief town of the valley.
L' Agriturismo Pra' di Reto is found in the small plaza of the Breath, it is an ancient agricultural house of the second halves five hundred restored maintaining his/her native typology. And' carefully furnished with ancient furniture. For a vacation in full relax, but also for the one who desires a more active vacation.

Innumerable they are the runs that untie him in the territory of the Garfagnana afoot, in mountain-bike, to horse, you can discover her/it day after day.
In firm you can rent the mountain-bikes and Olinto that it is an experienced guide, you/he/she can help you to organize the most beautiful runs and also to accompany you in your excursions.

Not to lose a visit to the Cave of the Wind, an excursion to the reserve of the horrid one of Botri, to the "Museo Etnografico di S. Pellegrino", to the oasis Lipu of Campocatino, the Park of the Orecchiella with its runs of Heron and the Garden of the flowers of Interesting Mountain is the trip to the Five Earths: treno+trekking.

The Garfagnana is an ideal territory to explore in mountain-bike. Quotas intermediary kind, in fact, a whole series of mulattiere and forest footsteps allows to cross all the various strainers. On this line it is possible use of the service I transport bike and the train it becomes so a mean express and economic to reach from the great cities the small stations of the Garfagnana. To discover the Garfagnana to horse means, following the paths and the old mulattieres the history of these mountains.

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Weekly rates Apartments Giada, Olivia 2+1 Guests 350,00 €
Weekly rates Apartments Giada 2+2 Guests 450,00 €
Weekly rates Double Room Giuglietta 298,00 €
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